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Do You Have a Plumber’s Toolkit?

A clogged drain or toilet is always an irritating problem for any homeowner. Fortunately, there are a number of plumbing problems that a homeowner can fix before they get too bad without having to hire a Maple Grove plumber. For this reason, every homeowner should have a basic plumbing tool kit in the event they encounter a minor plumbing problem.

There are low cost basic plumbing products that homeowners should include in their toolkit. These products can be purchased at a plumbing supply store and hardware store.  For instance, for clogged drains, there are inexpensive drain plungers that can be used to clear drain clogs. There are also toilet plungers that are used for clearing clogged toilets.

Plumbers putty is another product that should be included in a tool kit. It is useful for sealing small cracks and holes in pipes, toilets, faucets…etc. A plumber snake is another tool that is useful if the toilet plunger is not clearing the clog.

Plumbers tape is another important item that should be included in a home plumbing repair kit. This tape can be used to wrap the threaded plumbing joint connections. It is effective at stopping and preventing minor links in the pipe connections.

There are many plumbing issues that require mild repair that often can be performed by a homeowner. These items can be purchased at affordable places in a wide variety of stores that carry home renovation and repair supplies at greatly discounted prices.

However, if there is a serious plumbing problem which requires repair by a professional Maple Grove Plumber who has experience with local plumbing systems, contact us today.


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